Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I don't have any idea...

No friends..no enemies...!!!Huuufff...today is so boring..I have nothing to do. Starting my activities with blogging, checking my friendster..and arranging my blog' layout. I still can't edit pictures as well as diana-ang.Hiks!! But, don't ever give up, girl!! (Just motivating my self..hahaha)

♥ I want to go out..but there is no money! I should have control of my spending, especially for shopping..(I wish I could do it..!!). And the good news is I did it, I didn't shop anything yesterday!!AHAA....Finally!!

♥ Making a plate of fried rice mixed with shrimp nuggets, which is so delicious!!YUMMYY... You wanna try???



sensoria said...

Pls i dont like your you tube application!!! Thats a monster eating my speedy...
You should move it....
Ye.....you didn't buy anything coz you go to the SUTOS...but good step girl!
wanna try you nasi goreng * can't believe it you can cook*

u-ung said...

hahahaa I'm so sorry, frenz!!I just wanna learn about that song..It is very loveable!!
I will tell you something, that I'm in a process controlling my desire!!believe it or not???
And OF COURSE I can cook!!Just name it!!What food does you want me to cook, huh??

Diana Ang said...

nat. aku mw nasi goreng nya. hahaha :P

photoshop nya blajar pelan pelan saja. ntar lama lama juga pinter kok. smangaaatt!!

ayo kpn mw blajar private sm saya??

u-ung said...

ok2 ce..ntar aku belajar ma km!!pasti itu!!soale aku g isa blas..hahahaha