Thursday, December 11, 2008


Yeah...Finally, I can finish all of my internship report. So, I still need to collect it as soon as possible (before Friday..), and I can come back home soon!!!

I asked Eve & Meli for hanging out to TP at this morning after I had woke up. Fortunately, they agreed with me, and they decided to go there first without me. I had something to do in order to completing my internship report at Mercure Hotel. Then, I went TP to meet them and they're eating some ice cream at Zanggrandi when I arrived. HUH...I really wanted to eat some ice cream too...I love ice cream so much!!!Especially, the chocolate one...yummyy!!It's ok I got my ice cream then at Goota, and I thought it was more delicious than Eve & Meli' ice creams!!hahaha. Next destination was Zara (OF COURSE!!! We must go to Zara if we're in TP. It's a must!!ha5); we looked at some new stuffs, but there were nothing really good to bought. So, we got nothing there. I bought a belt (a black belt---again..!!) at Mango and I'm still confuse about the purple necklace one until now. There is no money anymore!!So poor I am..hiks. It's Ok..I have to able to control my desire..

♥ Eve & I looked for some snacks before we watched the movie. I guess Eve was really hungry at that time. We found a place--I don't remember the name exactly; Eve bought a bowl of crispy fungies which taste like fried chicken skin(hahaha) and I bought a bowl of curly potatoes. Its taste was good enough I thought. So spicy and so crispy..Look at the shape of potatoes!!

♥ Diana-ang came!!!Finally..the movie almost be started I guess. We watched the 3-D cartoons..BOLT!!! I thought it was not a good movie first, but...I was wrong!!! The movie was so cool, eventhough the characters were so funny. We laughed loud a long the movie. the character--especially BOLT was so funny at all. His face and his actions were so cute. He suspected have some power to save his boss without knowing that he just played a character as an Hollywood actor. It's so hard for him to realize that he has no power actually. The movie also touched our hearts when BOLT did anything to save his boss eventhough he didn't have any power.

♥ It's time to eat!!!We're so hungry and freezing during watching movie. "Ayam penyet" with hot chillies was the great food at that time.hahahaha Then, we went to "Ayam Penyet Ria" which is so famous both in Indonesia and Singapore. I really like the fried chicken one--so crispy!!! We talked about fashion and bloggers (our hot topic at recent time...)during we're eating, and I always be the one who know nothing...Whhooaaa!!!HIKS..

♥ Diana-ang asked whether Eve & I wanted to take some pictures with ginger house at Sheraton Hotel, like she did. She didn't need to ask us about that..because we're always willing to take some picture everywhere and everytime!!hahahaa. And our final destination is Sheraton Hotel, definitely!!! I was surprised knowing that Sheraton' ginger house is a room which is full with ginger biscuits, candies, chocolates, and cream. They looked very yummy...!!!There was smell of ginger welcomed us when we entered the house. It was my first time to be in a ginger house, like a tale I had known.So amazing!!!



Anonymous said...

haahahaahaha love BOLT!!!! Say thanks tome now coz i ask you to watched this movie!!!!
Where is your belt, i can't see it in your blog hahahahahahaha
I think i can't go with you anymore since i lose my tooth

u-ung said...

WHYYY???? OMG please don't do that!!!

Diana Ang said...

bolt lucu yah nat hehehe :D
ayo kapan kapan qta jj lagi
mumpung km belom plg jember :P

u-ung said...

ayo jj lagi ce..besok diajak linda jj..gmn??