Sunday, December 14, 2008

So Saturday Night...!!

ya...I got an accident in Saturday night (yesterday...) which was really shocked me...

I had planned to go to Diana-ang house before we went to Galaxy Mall yesterday. We would continue our shopping time at TP at the night because yesterday was the last night for midnight shopping. I arrived at Diana-ang house then; I was walking to reach the bell when my shoes slliped on the slippery and wet road in front of Diana-ang house. My hand (the right one) was holding the steel fence while my body was laying down on the road. I looked at my palm and it's bleeding..The most serious problem was I saw my palm's flesh. It's so horrible I think.

We decided to go to the nearest hospital as soon as possible, but there are some problem more. Diana-ang couldn't find her car' key anywhere and the taxi (SUCK....!!!) didn't come soon. I had to wait for 15minutes with bleeding palm and freezing body. I was really angry to the taxi' operator at that time. But, fortunately, Diana-ang can find her key finally...We went to the hospital directly

♥ I still couldn't handle my frezzing body eventhogh we already reached the hospital. And They worked very slowly..made me wait (again...) for a few minutes. Finally, the doctor cured my hurts. The worst thing is my palm need to be sutured's my first time.I had no choices..Ok!!Let's do it, doc..!!

Thanks for Diana-ang, who always accompanied me when I got sutured..

♥ We still could take any pictures during my suturation..and after I'd got sutured!!hahahaha I was look so fine, right??hahaha. Doctors was speechless...I said that I had to post those pictures at my blog..!!

Thanks to my brother for his patience on taking care of me. He is such a good brother; always help me do everything, prepare my needs, and wait for me everywhere (eventhough I go to toilet..)!! THX U SO MUCH!!!



Anonymous said...

poor you sis.....cute lady with the great style in ICU?!
* you take the pics by your self!!!! come you still thinking about your blog than your hand!!!

Rollz said...

wew... still taking pics, eh?? ^^

get well soon ya... ^^

Diana Ang said...

hahaha. Natalia kan artis :]
aku paparazzi nya hahaha

pet sembuh yah Nat :D

Jeanne M. Wigoena said...

salam kenal..
baca berita mu d tempat nya Diana..
moga cepat sembuh yaa and bisa jalan2 lagi ama si Diana, hehe..

u-ung said...

Eve; Rollz: Yup2 It's me..take pics everywhere and evrytime..hahaha

All: Thx u so much yach...Iya ni uda kebelet mo jln2 lagi!!hahaha

tinee said...

uwahhh....serem ngeliatnya...kasian amart...cepet sembuh yaaaa :)

pRizciLLia bLog said...

masiii sempett potoo atuh neng,,,hkekekke,,,

take care :)

britzie said...

get well soon dear :)