Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Yup..I watched it twice..It's okay, bcos I like the movie so much, especially the actress.hahaha. My friends (Eva n Ive-- Mercure Hotel' staffs) said that they wanted to watch the movie,but I already watched it. They would leave me alone if I didn't want to watch it with them..And then..what do I have to do??OF COURSE I must watched it again.

There is someone new I want to introduce to all of you..The new guy is Ling Chia Wee, my malaysian friend--Mercure' guest. Eva asked him to hang out with us for watching Twilight. I asked his opinion about Twilight, and you know what he said...He said that Twilight wasn't interesting enough. I guess he might be didn't understand the languages well, both Indonesia and English!!hahaha he is better in Mandarin.:p (Unfortunately, there is no his photo here...we didn't take any photos together..) He treated us for dinner @ Tawan..Thank you so much!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Ling Chia Wee!!!

TWILIGHT is really awesome..I never feel bored eventhought I'd watched it twice!! Edward Cullen is really handsome and he is so romantic!! I said to Ive how romantic he was a long the movie. But, I think his face lil'bit looks like a playboy. I like the way he looked at Bella..his eyes was so...Aarrgghh it's so hard to explain.!!hahaha

♥ Here you are..My another BFFs, Eva--Mercure' Guest Relation Officer; and Ive--Mercure' receptionist. They bought some stuffs as Christmas gifts and Christmas tree decorations.

♥ Delicious foods from Tawan..YUMMY..!!! I think its porridges are the best..they're so delicious and so tasty!!Slluurrpp..!!




Diana Ang said...

whoa. biz jj sama anak2 mercure yah :] hehehe

ayo ayo nat. kapan mw pg ngafe lagi?! sebelum km pulang kampung yoh, jok lupa!! hahaha

Anonymous said...

Mana foto teman Malay mu?
Penasaran ini.....hahahahahha....

家伟 said...

Drop-by to say hello,

Come to check what you write bout me. Thank you for your wishes :-)

I wasn't said the movie is not interesting lo, just your "TWO THUMBS UP" makes me high expectation to this movie.

Only take photo of food..zZZ never take with me!!

u-ung said...

hahaha ya chia wee!!Btw, I know your name "chia" means home just now. Am I right??I knew the hanzi..hahaha
I just wanna say, "TWILIGHT..Two thumbs up!!!". That's it. No wonder!!:p
You never ask me to take your pic..hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

i think it's because guys and girls are different, you know. every girl i know wanted to watch twilight over and over again, while the guys? they said it's not as good. so, my point, you cannot judge people about what they say about this movie.
sorry for dropping a comment. i don't know you, you don't know me. but well...