Saturday, December 13, 2008

Late Night Shopping..!!! ♥

WWHHHOOOAA...!!!It's time for shopping, guys!! Let's go!!Don't forget to bring much money, so you can buy anything you want, and OF COURSE stuffs with lower price!! So, what are you waiting for??

Yup2...Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya always know how to treat their customer great!! They are offering late night shopping for all of you, both men & women, on December 12nd-13rd, 2008, starting at 10 pm till' 12 pm. All shops will be opened until midnight and also offer some additional discounts. There were so many people looked so enthusiastic there at that night. There were crowded everywhere. They were hunting goods stuffs with lower price during that 2 hours!!Also, there were DJ performance with loud music which mede me so dizzy. I couldn't really enjoy my shopping time and I had to speak loudly when I talked with Diana-ang..But, it's ok..I have found my "targetted" stuffs, finally..hahaha

♥ My first destination was Zara (OF COURSE..!!); we searched some good stuffs and there are some new stuffs too there. We fitted some clothes and took pictures of them. But, I posted only a dress which is really cute here. Diana-ang also agree with me that this dress is really cute, especially the mustard color one. hehehe. Do you agree with us, guys??

Then, next destination was Mango. So happy to be there, bcoz we had known that Mango have offered some discounts before this late night shopping. But, the good news was Mango also offer an additional 10% discount during late night shopping..HUUAAA..!! Love it!! I was fitting some stuffs while Diana-ang was sitting ang readig my magz because she didn't fit any clothes at that time. I guess maybe she was tired and starved..Sorry for waiting, sis..I'll make it fast!!hehehe

♥ We're so happy knew that almost restaurant still open during midnight shopping. It eased us to find some restaurants with delicious foods. Finally, we chose Tawan..(again..); and we talked so much things during eating (always..). It really wasted our shopping time; almost shops were closed already when we finished eating. It means we have to come back to TP tomorrow night..

The clock was already at 12pm..but, where was Linda???Linda & I had to back home before 12..We're late!!OMG...

♥ Eventhough Linda & I went back home late, we still took any photos (like usual..) for being posted on my blog.hhaahaha




Anonymous said...

ga suka dengan gayamu yang sekarang nothing special.....hahahaha mungkin efek fotonya kali ya yang kurang okeh!!! jadi detailsnya nggak keliatan!

Diana Ang said...

luoh. luoh. qta posting dengan baju yang sama di ZARA :]

iya mustard dress nya memang cute
hehehehe :D

Idées cadeaux said...

très jolie la robe jaune en plus elle te va à merveille..

enterrement vie de garçon said...

j'adore cette robe chemise..elle te va super bien..