Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Early Christmas Party..♥

THE REAL CHRISTMAS...What is the real meaning of christmas for you??As a Christian, Christmas has a meaning that Jesus come to the world for expiating our sins and for saving all of us--the humans.
Yup..the theme of Christmas party, which was held in Grand Ballroom Mercure Hotel Surabaya, was "The Real Christmas" for us. The priest said that Christmas means a peaceful gift for all of us. Christmas is not always equal with a luxury and all new stuffs. We have to understand what the meaning of Christmas itself. That's why Accor Group Hotel (Novotel, Mercure, & Ibis) wanted to share this peaceful gift with other people who don't lucky as us. They are the orphans and people who have psychological disability. They're so young and so fragile..We have to thanks God for all we've had and we've got. I can' t imagine how my life would be if I were them.. (so, thank God!!!)

♥ There are some performance showed during this christmas party..This one is Novotel' staff choirs (I didn't pay much attention to the performance because I talked too much with my friends..and also laughed a lot..) Eva was so talkative..hahahaha

♥ This is the photo of Eva & Chia Wee, the guy I already told before at older post. Finally, I can show his photo.hehehe He is Malaysian, but he had stayed in Indonesia for 8 months. He said that he feels bored here..hahahaaha yup, bcos there is no friend beside him.:p Eva asked him to join with us at ballroom celebrating christmas, and then he came later without any present on his hands. He might be don't know that we have to bring a present to change it with the others. Fortunately, Eva offered him her another present!!! (Chia Wee smiled...hahaha)

♥ The ginger house was so cute!!!But, I think it was not a real ginger house..there is no smell of ginger there. I don't know how it is made and what it is made from. My friend told me that it was made by Mr. Hendri-- the manager of Trimurti Restaurant. WOW!!! I still thinking maybe it is a must for building a ginger house in Christmas.hahaha I read Diana-ang post which told that she took pictures with a ginger house at Sheraton Hotel. I never know it names a ginger house..I just name it "a house" until Eva told me the name is ginger house!!ha3 :p I think the ginger house at Sheraton is more beautiful than this one. Am I right??Wait2.., where is the sheep stable???I didn't see it there...

♥ Finally, I can take pictures with the ginger house!!I had waited for that time since the first time I saw it there..After the party, I asked Chia Wee to take some photos of me with the ginger house..(narcism mode on!!). I also asked Eva & Ive to join with me, but they refused it, maybe they're too shy to go up the stage for taking some photos. I'm the one who didn't have a feeling of shy!!!hahaha (We always to be like that if we want take a good photo..:p) And then, here you are my photos with the ginger house!!

♥ These are my present and my souvenir I got from the party..The present is a multipurpose cute purse (with a pig's smile). You can use it for anything you want, such as a make up bag, pencil case, etc..I still don't know what I would use it for..maybe for a make up bag I guess (eventhough I don't have various kinds of make up stuffs.I only have some of them, bcos I'm not the type of girl who really like wearing make up). I just bought it for my internship that obliged me to wore some make up!!Haisshhh really don't like that time!!! And another one is the souvenir I got from the commitees. The message is "Praying continuously" which I feel it's written for me especially..Remind me always!!



Anonymous said...

Hahahahahha finally you can join that party and take some pics of your news Malaysian friends ;)
Oh...i love Christmas event i'm Christian but i do, i love it especially the Christmas decorations except the ginger house and the snowman.
Maybe this week before you go home we have to go to Sheraton take some pic in there

Diana Ang said...

haha. ya mgkn gk bau nat soale ginger house nya kecil gt. hum nya barbie itu :P

nek yg di Sheraton gede. kaya sa ruangan kamar gitu. hehehe