Sunday, December 14, 2008

So Saturday Night...!!

ya...I got an accident in Saturday night (yesterday...) which was really shocked me...

I had planned to go to Diana-ang house before we went to Galaxy Mall yesterday. We would continue our shopping time at TP at the night because yesterday was the last night for midnight shopping. I arrived at Diana-ang house then; I was walking to reach the bell when my shoes slliped on the slippery and wet road in front of Diana-ang house. My hand (the right one) was holding the steel fence while my body was laying down on the road. I looked at my palm and it's bleeding..The most serious problem was I saw my palm's flesh. It's so horrible I think.

We decided to go to the nearest hospital as soon as possible, but there are some problem more. Diana-ang couldn't find her car' key anywhere and the taxi (SUCK....!!!) didn't come soon. I had to wait for 15minutes with bleeding palm and freezing body. I was really angry to the taxi' operator at that time. But, fortunately, Diana-ang can find her key finally...We went to the hospital directly

♥ I still couldn't handle my frezzing body eventhogh we already reached the hospital. And They worked very slowly..made me wait (again...) for a few minutes. Finally, the doctor cured my hurts. The worst thing is my palm need to be sutured's my first time.I had no choices..Ok!!Let's do it, doc..!!

Thanks for Diana-ang, who always accompanied me when I got sutured..

♥ We still could take any pictures during my suturation..and after I'd got sutured!!hahahaha I was look so fine, right??hahaha. Doctors was speechless...I said that I had to post those pictures at my blog..!!

Thanks to my brother for his patience on taking care of me. He is such a good brother; always help me do everything, prepare my needs, and wait for me everywhere (eventhough I go to toilet..)!! THX U SO MUCH!!!


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Late Night Shopping..!!! ♥

WWHHHOOOAA...!!!It's time for shopping, guys!! Let's go!!Don't forget to bring much money, so you can buy anything you want, and OF COURSE stuffs with lower price!! So, what are you waiting for??

Yup2...Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya always know how to treat their customer great!! They are offering late night shopping for all of you, both men & women, on December 12nd-13rd, 2008, starting at 10 pm till' 12 pm. All shops will be opened until midnight and also offer some additional discounts. There were so many people looked so enthusiastic there at that night. There were crowded everywhere. They were hunting goods stuffs with lower price during that 2 hours!!Also, there were DJ performance with loud music which mede me so dizzy. I couldn't really enjoy my shopping time and I had to speak loudly when I talked with Diana-ang..But, it's ok..I have found my "targetted" stuffs, finally..hahaha

♥ My first destination was Zara (OF COURSE..!!); we searched some good stuffs and there are some new stuffs too there. We fitted some clothes and took pictures of them. But, I posted only a dress which is really cute here. Diana-ang also agree with me that this dress is really cute, especially the mustard color one. hehehe. Do you agree with us, guys??

Then, next destination was Mango. So happy to be there, bcoz we had known that Mango have offered some discounts before this late night shopping. But, the good news was Mango also offer an additional 10% discount during late night shopping..HUUAAA..!! Love it!! I was fitting some stuffs while Diana-ang was sitting ang readig my magz because she didn't fit any clothes at that time. I guess maybe she was tired and starved..Sorry for waiting, sis..I'll make it fast!!hehehe

♥ We're so happy knew that almost restaurant still open during midnight shopping. It eased us to find some restaurants with delicious foods. Finally, we chose Tawan..(again..); and we talked so much things during eating (always..). It really wasted our shopping time; almost shops were closed already when we finished eating. It means we have to come back to TP tomorrow night..

The clock was already at 12pm..but, where was Linda???Linda & I had to back home before 12..We're late!!OMG...

♥ Eventhough Linda & I went back home late, we still took any photos (like usual..) for being posted on my blog.hhaahaha



Thursday, December 11, 2008


Yeah...Finally, I can finish all of my internship report. So, I still need to collect it as soon as possible (before Friday..), and I can come back home soon!!!

I asked Eve & Meli for hanging out to TP at this morning after I had woke up. Fortunately, they agreed with me, and they decided to go there first without me. I had something to do in order to completing my internship report at Mercure Hotel. Then, I went TP to meet them and they're eating some ice cream at Zanggrandi when I arrived. HUH...I really wanted to eat some ice cream too...I love ice cream so much!!!Especially, the chocolate one...yummyy!!It's ok I got my ice cream then at Goota, and I thought it was more delicious than Eve & Meli' ice creams!!hahaha. Next destination was Zara (OF COURSE!!! We must go to Zara if we're in TP. It's a must!!ha5); we looked at some new stuffs, but there were nothing really good to bought. So, we got nothing there. I bought a belt (a black belt---again..!!) at Mango and I'm still confuse about the purple necklace one until now. There is no money anymore!!So poor I am..hiks. It's Ok..I have to able to control my desire..

♥ Eve & I looked for some snacks before we watched the movie. I guess Eve was really hungry at that time. We found a place--I don't remember the name exactly; Eve bought a bowl of crispy fungies which taste like fried chicken skin(hahaha) and I bought a bowl of curly potatoes. Its taste was good enough I thought. So spicy and so crispy..Look at the shape of potatoes!!

♥ Diana-ang came!!!Finally..the movie almost be started I guess. We watched the 3-D cartoons..BOLT!!! I thought it was not a good movie first, but...I was wrong!!! The movie was so cool, eventhough the characters were so funny. We laughed loud a long the movie. the character--especially BOLT was so funny at all. His face and his actions were so cute. He suspected have some power to save his boss without knowing that he just played a character as an Hollywood actor. It's so hard for him to realize that he has no power actually. The movie also touched our hearts when BOLT did anything to save his boss eventhough he didn't have any power.

♥ It's time to eat!!!We're so hungry and freezing during watching movie. "Ayam penyet" with hot chillies was the great food at that time.hahahaha Then, we went to "Ayam Penyet Ria" which is so famous both in Indonesia and Singapore. I really like the fried chicken one--so crispy!!! We talked about fashion and bloggers (our hot topic at recent time...)during we're eating, and I always be the one who know nothing...Whhooaaa!!!HIKS..

♥ Diana-ang asked whether Eve & I wanted to take some pictures with ginger house at Sheraton Hotel, like she did. She didn't need to ask us about that..because we're always willing to take some picture everywhere and everytime!!hahahaa. And our final destination is Sheraton Hotel, definitely!!! I was surprised knowing that Sheraton' ginger house is a room which is full with ginger biscuits, candies, chocolates, and cream. They looked very yummy...!!!There was smell of ginger welcomed us when we entered the house. It was my first time to be in a ginger house, like a tale I had known.So amazing!!!


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Early Christmas Party..♥

THE REAL CHRISTMAS...What is the real meaning of christmas for you??As a Christian, Christmas has a meaning that Jesus come to the world for expiating our sins and for saving all of us--the humans.
Yup..the theme of Christmas party, which was held in Grand Ballroom Mercure Hotel Surabaya, was "The Real Christmas" for us. The priest said that Christmas means a peaceful gift for all of us. Christmas is not always equal with a luxury and all new stuffs. We have to understand what the meaning of Christmas itself. That's why Accor Group Hotel (Novotel, Mercure, & Ibis) wanted to share this peaceful gift with other people who don't lucky as us. They are the orphans and people who have psychological disability. They're so young and so fragile..We have to thanks God for all we've had and we've got. I can' t imagine how my life would be if I were them.. (so, thank God!!!)

♥ There are some performance showed during this christmas party..This one is Novotel' staff choirs (I didn't pay much attention to the performance because I talked too much with my friends..and also laughed a lot..) Eva was so talkative..hahahaha

♥ This is the photo of Eva & Chia Wee, the guy I already told before at older post. Finally, I can show his photo.hehehe He is Malaysian, but he had stayed in Indonesia for 8 months. He said that he feels bored here..hahahaaha yup, bcos there is no friend beside him.:p Eva asked him to join with us at ballroom celebrating christmas, and then he came later without any present on his hands. He might be don't know that we have to bring a present to change it with the others. Fortunately, Eva offered him her another present!!! (Chia Wee smiled...hahaha)

♥ The ginger house was so cute!!!But, I think it was not a real ginger house..there is no smell of ginger there. I don't know how it is made and what it is made from. My friend told me that it was made by Mr. Hendri-- the manager of Trimurti Restaurant. WOW!!! I still thinking maybe it is a must for building a ginger house in Christmas.hahaha I read Diana-ang post which told that she took pictures with a ginger house at Sheraton Hotel. I never know it names a ginger house..I just name it "a house" until Eva told me the name is ginger house!!ha3 :p I think the ginger house at Sheraton is more beautiful than this one. Am I right??Wait2.., where is the sheep stable???I didn't see it there...

♥ Finally, I can take pictures with the ginger house!!I had waited for that time since the first time I saw it there..After the party, I asked Chia Wee to take some photos of me with the ginger house..(narcism mode on!!). I also asked Eva & Ive to join with me, but they refused it, maybe they're too shy to go up the stage for taking some photos. I'm the one who didn't have a feeling of shy!!!hahaha (We always to be like that if we want take a good photo..:p) And then, here you are my photos with the ginger house!!

♥ These are my present and my souvenir I got from the party..The present is a multipurpose cute purse (with a pig's smile). You can use it for anything you want, such as a make up bag, pencil case, etc..I still don't know what I would use it for..maybe for a make up bag I guess (eventhough I don't have various kinds of make up stuffs.I only have some of them, bcos I'm not the type of girl who really like wearing make up). I just bought it for my internship that obliged me to wore some make up!!Haisshhh really don't like that time!!! And another one is the souvenir I got from the commitees. The message is "Praying continuously" which I feel it's written for me especially..Remind me always!!



Yup..I watched it twice..It's okay, bcos I like the movie so much, especially the actress.hahaha. My friends (Eva n Ive-- Mercure Hotel' staffs) said that they wanted to watch the movie,but I already watched it. They would leave me alone if I didn't want to watch it with them..And then..what do I have to do??OF COURSE I must watched it again.

There is someone new I want to introduce to all of you..The new guy is Ling Chia Wee, my malaysian friend--Mercure' guest. Eva asked him to hang out with us for watching Twilight. I asked his opinion about Twilight, and you know what he said...He said that Twilight wasn't interesting enough. I guess he might be didn't understand the languages well, both Indonesia and English!!hahaha he is better in Mandarin.:p (Unfortunately, there is no his photo here...we didn't take any photos together..) He treated us for dinner @ Tawan..Thank you so much!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY for Ling Chia Wee!!!

TWILIGHT is really awesome..I never feel bored eventhought I'd watched it twice!! Edward Cullen is really handsome and he is so romantic!! I said to Ive how romantic he was a long the movie. But, I think his face lil'bit looks like a playboy. I like the way he looked at Bella..his eyes was so...Aarrgghh it's so hard to explain.!!hahaha

♥ Here you are..My another BFFs, Eva--Mercure' Guest Relation Officer; and Ive--Mercure' receptionist. They bought some stuffs as Christmas gifts and Christmas tree decorations.

♥ Delicious foods from Tawan..YUMMY..!!! I think its porridges are the best..they're so delicious and so tasty!!Slluurrpp..!!


Sunday, December 7, 2008


Two thumbs up for Twilight!!! That movie is really cool at all..and also romantic. It would be more interesting if you watch it with your couple..Ohh so sweet!!!

I agree that Edward Cullen is the main reason for girls to watch the movie..He is such a gentleman!! lucky Bella..! But, I think Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) is more cute and handsome than him..hahahaha (I'm a big fan of him!!) Sorry...

There is no guy like Edward Cullen in real life...he almost perfect I think..Love his GF so much and always protect her everytime and everywhere. :p (FYI, Edward Cullen is Cedrig Diggory @Harry Potter)

♥ Harry Potter and Edward "Vampire" Cullen..Which one do you choose??

♥ I watched Twilight with my BFF..and of course they were with their own couple. Actually, I asked my other BFF to go out with us together, but she decided to not watch the movie which can remind her with her ex-BF. She just broke up a few day ago....(Me, the life must go on. Don't be so sad..let's go shopping!!!hahahaaha)

♥ We just took a few photos...(the other photos are in Evelyn' BF's, we have to wait Eve send them to us.) HURRY UP, Eve..!!!!!

♥ Thanks to Meli for taking these photos. Unfortunately, we just meet for a short time. You must to go out with us next time..Taking a lot of photos and eating much foods maybe..hahaha no diet anymore!!!Forget it for a while..


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sad...and Happy...???!!!!

I have two news, guys!!One is a bad news and another one is good news...which ones do you want me to tell first???hahaha Ok..I will tell you the bad one first..The news is I had passed my final thesys proposal unsuccessfully...SUCKS!!!I'm very very sad and also dissapointed with myself..hiks. I can't do it well while almost my friends can..Ok, actually not all of them..there are at least 40% who can't pass the presentation succesfully, like me!!I'm not the one.

It's OK..I will retry it again in next semester.There are many chances for me..DON'T EVER GIVE UP!!!Yeaahhh....!!!!

And the good news is I went out with my friends to refresh my mind and my soul from the frustation. I know that it's not the way out to solve my problem, but what should you do when you get frustrated, gals???The answer are shopping, talking and hanging out with your friends, I guess..hahahaha. Am I right??? We have a right to make ourself happy after we have done something hard..hehehe And the food is very delicious...uhmmm..sluurpp!!

I went out to TP with Diana-ang..and Linda (at the last time, actually) for doing some window shopping and buy some stuffs which really I want before.hihihi :p Finally..I buy them (@Zara). I looked for some long tank tops which can be matched with my long cardigan. I got a blue tank top, but I'm not sure it can be matched with well.It's OK..let's find out the perfect one next time!!And I also found belts, the ethnic belt and another is gothic belt. I don't know why I like wearing gothic stuffs recently (boyish style mode on..!!:D) destination was find the right place for me to do some private course with Diana-ang..Adobe Photoshop private course!!I'm really stupid about Photoshop..I never ever paid attention with my lecturer's explanation in graphic desain class..lil'bit regret for it.

♥ Diana-ang is an expert in photoshop. She can edit pictures with much effects dramatically..Two thumbs up!!! Linda and me just be bewildered..:p

♥ Linda took some pictures of her self...narcism mode on, always..!!!♥

♥Who was you calling, Di?? ♥

♥ choco cream chip so much!!! ♥


♥ Wearing this outfit was very comfortable and really me..hahaha ♥

vest : Guess
dress: Zara TRF
bangles: Mango
fringes bag : Zara
Gladiator shoes: Ayumi Boutique

(Haisshh..I'm so sleepy..wanna take a bed!! Bye....)