Sunday, November 30, 2008


Yesterday was really really fun!! I went to Surabaya Plaza Hotel for eating some dimsums (all u can eat!!yeah..!!! with price Rp 75.000,-/ person) with Evelyn & Diana-Ang. There are so many varieties of dimsum, and we ate lots!!!hahaha Fortunately, I asked Eve & Di-ang to accompany me. They're so fun and talkative each other. We discussed many things about blog ang bloggers, bcos im the one who still cant arrange blog well!!HAISHH...!!! :c

We took a lot of photos when we ate dim sum @Cafe Taman (our main activities, actually..hahaha). Here you are.

Yummy dim sum!!! sluuurrpp...:p

♥ the greedy Eve was eating her dimsum..hahaha look at her face..!!;p

♥Diana "the flawless skin" -ang..what was she looking??can u guess it??

♥ Took photos with BFF.. (we have to look happy eventhough the foods were not delicious enough!!hahaha I think mercure's dimsum is better than them..sorry..!!)

Hanging out never ends...Diana & I went to TP at the night, and Linda, my another BFF, also came with us.The night was so fun..we shopped Zara (of course!!hahaha) although there is no money anymore in wallet.. hiks

♥ Photos session was never forgot!! Don't care what others said and how they looked at us...Narcism mode on!!! Let's do some nice pose, girls!!

♥ with Linda...

♥ With Di-ang...



sensoria said...

Happy Saturday my BFF.....hahahahaha....finaly you've got your own blog event you thought i'm stupid write my story in blog...hahahahaha NVM..
Proud of you and your blog ;)
Keep blogging and don't forget to visit my blog to dear....
Can't wait another story of you ;)

Diana Ang said...

ayuk nat jalan jalan lagi hahaha
tetep semangat nge bloG yah :]