Friday, August 28, 2009

still confusing...

I went out with Diana-ang this night to watch GI Joe. Cool movie, I thought..and handsome Channing Tatum. I adore him, his cool face, and of course his hot body!!!hihihhihi. Even Sienna Miller looked so beautiful in this movie with her black hair and sexy body, but I prefer blonde than the black one..
Diana & I had a plan to go to Jakarta tommorow,but we didn't decide it yet...we are still confusing about many things and..let's see tommorow, we will go or not!!hahahhaa We'd already looked some information about the flights and hotels, but the last thing we really need is make sure that we are in good mood to make it real. (need more time to think...hihihi)

top: Zara; skirt: Body&Soul; boots: Belle; bag: Mr.Freddy

Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm back!!!!

Spent a few days at home and focused on my thesis, made me so lazy for updating new posts..hehehe I'm back with a satisfaction of finishing my thesis (almost finish, actually..just need to complete few interview transcripts) and also I have to do this homework from Diana-ang...It's about SIX THING that make ME HAPPY!!!
  1. Reaching my dream: I have an obsession to become a public relations or corporate communication with all their business, such as pers conference, media gathering, media relations, etc. I really want to do it, but I still don't know I can make it real or not. But, I have to, I guess...
  2. Having a new stuff : clothing, bags, shoes, accessories..hahahaha this one is my guilty pleasure..I still want to have a new stuff everyday eventhough my room is so full of things right now.Maybe I will live with all of those stuff until there is no space in my room anymore!!hahaha I keep collecting those stuffs and never give them to others.
  3. Ice cream and chocolate : I never can choose one of those yummy snacks even I have to...because I LOVE THEM sooo much!!! I know they have high fat and kalories maybe, but still can not make me not eat them..hihihihihi (dark choco is the best...!!)
  4. Shopping : either online or not..!!! I always feel happy when I shop, but feel guilty after that..especially when I look at my bills...hiks..hikss ToT (still can not control this desire until now!!!!)
  5. Magazines : just like Diana-ang, I'm also a magazine freak!!! I always buy four magz every months, and my pleasure is reading them carefully and remembering the fashion pages one by one with their stuffs inside..
  6. Doing better than others do : I hate to lose and I will try my best to prove that I can do better than others. hahahaha sounds so ambitious, doesn't it?? maybe, it's another side of me...since my friends know that I'm not that type of person. But, I'll so happy if I get what I want..

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lazy Sunday....

I tried to make a hair bun, but I failed....(as always..never make it well.!!)

grey leopard dress: Zara; boots: DrMartens look alike (Shuz Parade==> FB

Need inspirations...

Maybe, thesis make me lose my creativity....I feel so BLANK..!!!

blazer: Mango; dress: Zara; shoes: Gojane

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Kafe Pisa 50%

I got a good news that Kafe Pisa @ Manyar held their 2nd anniversary and gave 50% for all foods and beverages. I never went to Kafe Pisa yet before, so it was my first time. I was so excited since all of my friends told me that Kafe Pisa has a great atmosphere and view, especially at night. They also said that Pisa' gelato and pizza were so delicious. With 50% discount, I didn't have a reason to not come there.hahahha So, I invited Diana-ang to come and hunted those yummy foods...These were our menu last night. I couldn't differ which the appetizer one and the main courses ones..hahaha they were all main course, I thought..and made me sooo full..hoekkss..!!! I was so starving at that time so I ordered too much menu, and we couldn't finish them all...
N.B.: there was a plan in my mind to buy some gelato ice cream,like other people did. But, unfortuntely I didn't. They bought it in many big cups!!!uugghh...

1. Mix snack : french fries, chicken nuggets, fried calamaries, and onion rings. They served with cheese souce..!!sluurrp..!! ( delicious or ????)

2. My favorite: spaghetti bolognaise

3. Pizza fantasia: smoked beef, mushrooms, and dried chilli... so hot taste!!!

4. Our dessert: chocolate fondue with four scoops of gelato ice cream (fresh sorbet, yogurt, choco chips, and rum raisins)...hahahhaha so yummy,actually..but I was really2 full at the time!!hiks.. addition, a glass of blended cream chip as my beverage...whooooaa!!! complete fat only in one night...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Time run so fast....

This is my next "destination" and I keep fighting for doing everything well..hiks. so desperate....!!! I hope I can finish my thesis by the end of August..!! *fighting...fighting..serious mode on...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Flower Bracelet

I bought my self this MNG bracelet; light gold one with the colorful flowers gorgeous!!! MNG has amazing colorful accessories this season and made me so frustrated with the price...huiks...huiks...

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Novi & Eve' Graduation..

Today is a precious day for my friends, all Fikomers who have graduated this period. Two of my BFF, Novi and Evelyn also have graduated. They were so happy with this final day of their study..But, Mali and I, who still need to fighting a long this month with our thesis, look so desperate when we saw all of our friends wore graduation costumes. So, we decided to borrow their graduation hat to feel their happiness if we were them in this moment...hahahahha

♥ BFF ♥

delayed graduation,,,hiks ToT

Meli, u-ung, Eve, Novianti, Novi Kun

♥ What I wore to graduation...

dress: Zara; shoes: Shuz Parade (ol. shop==> FB)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

So busy on thesis...

I do chapter by chapter everyday and I sleep late till' 4 tired and boring with all of these routine activities.

N.B.: so fallin' love with this floral dress from Mango. It is so feminine and makes me look girly when I wore it.hihihi

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


This floral skirt looks like Paris Hilton's skirt I saw in Vivi Magazine..She wore it with a pair of black tights. She was very feminine and girly..

Monday, August 3, 2009

First vintage bags..!!!

I was so excited waiting my vintage bags arrived...I ordered them from Mr. Freddy Clothing (Facebook) three days ago, and finally they arrive today!!! yiippyy..!!!

Fringe postman bag!!

Lady Vintage bag!!

Diana and I went to Galaxy mall yesterday for trying Maggie pancake..hihihi. Here our pancakes with different topping and sauce we ordered at Maggie pancake and yogurt. Actually, they were so yummy, especially at the first tastes, but we felt a lil'bit too much at the last...hahaha

Saturday, August 1, 2009

UP....Flight me UP...!!!

Watched UP at Sutos with Diana-ang...and it such a funny movie yet touched!!hmmm...very recommended..The figures were so cute with innocent faces.hahhaha I wanna watch th 3D version one.

We had dinner at deExcelso...spagetti bolognaise, dorry fish, and banana wrap!!!so yummy..and the best!! You must try it...