Sunday, December 7, 2008


Two thumbs up for Twilight!!! That movie is really cool at all..and also romantic. It would be more interesting if you watch it with your couple..Ohh so sweet!!!

I agree that Edward Cullen is the main reason for girls to watch the movie..He is such a gentleman!! lucky Bella..! But, I think Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) is more cute and handsome than him..hahahaha (I'm a big fan of him!!) Sorry...

There is no guy like Edward Cullen in real life...he almost perfect I think..Love his GF so much and always protect her everytime and everywhere. :p (FYI, Edward Cullen is Cedrig Diggory @Harry Potter)

♥ Harry Potter and Edward "Vampire" Cullen..Which one do you choose??

♥ I watched Twilight with my BFF..and of course they were with their own couple. Actually, I asked my other BFF to go out with us together, but she decided to not watch the movie which can remind her with her ex-BF. She just broke up a few day ago....(Me, the life must go on. Don't be so sad..let's go shopping!!!hahahaaha)

♥ We just took a few photos...(the other photos are in Evelyn' BF's, we have to wait Eve send them to us.) HURRY UP, Eve..!!!!!

♥ Thanks to Meli for taking these photos. Unfortunately, we just meet for a short time. You must to go out with us next time..Taking a lot of photos and eating much foods maybe..hahaha no diet anymore!!!Forget it for a while..



A girl who never will grow up Blog. said...

I love your style! it's really cute!

i haven't seen twilight yet, but I will soon!

Diana Ang said...

aku milih Edward Cullen :D
nek Daniel Radcliffe lebi ketok berondong soal-e hahaha

wez mayan nat editan mu
tapi kok ada yg rada kegelapen yah

smangat smangat.
sering latihan ae nat :]

sensoria said...

Hahahahahaha keliatannya Diana Ang berhasil menjadi guru yang baik buat natalia ;)
Eh nat fotonya yang ada akunya kok jadi aku seperti vampire gitu?
Rasae kamu kekecilan sizenya jadi aneh aku nat...
Edward Cullen vs Harry Potter you can't make it like we have to vote!!!
Both of them are mine!

u-ung said...
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u-ung said...

hahahaa km harus pilih dong, eve!!aku si tetep ma si cute daniel!!ha3
mana yg kyk vampir??lumayan ya aku ada kemajuan??