Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sad...and Happy...???!!!!

I have two news, guys!!One is a bad news and another one is good news...which ones do you want me to tell first???hahaha Ok..I will tell you the bad one first..The news is I had passed my final thesys proposal unsuccessfully...SUCKS!!!I'm very very sad and also dissapointed with myself..hiks. I can't do it well while almost my friends can..Ok, actually not all of them..there are at least 40% who can't pass the presentation succesfully, like me!!I'm not the one.

It's OK..I will retry it again in next semester.There are many chances for me..DON'T EVER GIVE UP!!!Yeaahhh....!!!!

And the good news is I went out with my friends to refresh my mind and my soul from the frustation. I know that it's not the way out to solve my problem, but what should you do when you get frustrated, gals???The answer are shopping, talking and hanging out with your friends, I guess..hahahaha. Am I right??? We have a right to make ourself happy after we have done something hard..hehehe And the food is very delicious...uhmmm..sluurpp!!

I went out to TP with Diana-ang..and Linda (at the last time, actually) for doing some window shopping and buy some stuffs which really I want before.hihihi :p Finally..I buy them (@Zara). I looked for some long tank tops which can be matched with my long cardigan. I got a blue tank top, but I'm not sure it can be matched with well.It's OK..let's find out the perfect one next time!!And I also found belts, the ethnic belt and another is gothic belt. I don't know why I like wearing gothic stuffs recently (boyish style mode on..!!:D) destination was find the right place for me to do some private course with Diana-ang..Adobe Photoshop private course!!I'm really stupid about Photoshop..I never ever paid attention with my lecturer's explanation in graphic desain class..lil'bit regret for it.

♥ Diana-ang is an expert in photoshop. She can edit pictures with much effects dramatically..Two thumbs up!!! Linda and me just be bewildered..:p

♥ Linda took some pictures of her self...narcism mode on, always..!!!♥

♥Who was you calling, Di?? ♥

♥ choco cream chip so much!!! ♥


♥ Wearing this outfit was very comfortable and really me..hahaha ♥

vest : Guess
dress: Zara TRF
bangles: Mango
fringes bag : Zara
Gladiator shoes: Ayumi Boutique

(Haisshh..I'm so sleepy..wanna take a bed!! Bye....)



sensoria said...

Wes sekarang tongkrongannya Starbuck...nanti laen kali kalo privat sama ang ajak2 yo..ini aku juga kagak seberapa pintar dalam mengedit photo menggunakan photoshop

u-ung said...

Iya foto d beranda di Starbucks itu kyke bagus lho.Ayuk ntar kpn2 pg sana lagi..

Diana Ang said...

ayuuuk !! hehehe