Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Back to SURABAYA!!!! Yeeaahh...!!

♥ It's time to back to school!!! Yup2...bored??happy??or sad???hahahaha I feel really2 bored back to classes with many tasks have to do. THESYS...OmG!!! I can't imagine it.. But, I also feel a lil'bit interested because I will back to Surabaya again for at least 4-5 months later.hahaha. So nice!!
I had nothing to do during this holiday- just stay at home with family, without my friends; and fortunately, my BF accompanied me eventhough we met each other for 1-2 times a week. It's okay. hehehehe

♥ I came back to Surabaya yesterday at 1 pm, and I met Linda soon for talking so many things. We didn't meet each other for a month, maybe..so, there must be so many things we wanted to share with. I guess I left her stories behind during my holiday in Jember. She has a new BF now!! It's a good news I think!!Congratz, sis... muach2!!

♥ So, we decided to go hang out last night, with Shinta too..(unfortunately,Diana-Ang didn't come with us...). We went to TP (one of our favorite place for hanging out!!!), and checked new stuffs out. Ummff..There were so many new stuffs there (@Zara, Mango..) but there was no discount anymore!!HUH..!! New arrivals are more colorful with "Green" statement on them. Great!! It can motivate us to care with our earth..and reduce the effects of global warming.
I bought polo shirts for my dad and my brother ( a green one is my dad's and another one is my brother's), and I was going to change their size to a bigger ones. FYI guys, if you are going to change stuffs which you already bought,you have to keep the bill too; because you can't change stuffs without them. I had given my bills to Shinta to be changed with previlege coupons, and I forgot that I might be need them to change size on couple days later. So, I might not change them without bills, and I forced buy a new dark blue one for my dad.Haaisshh!!

♥ grey Zara ankle boots & pinky bow sandals==Ayumi Boutique ♥


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