Monday, March 30, 2009

Blue & White..

Top: Mango
Shorts: Mango
Bracelet: Body&Soul


Sunday, March 29, 2009

How about this one????

Continued post from my last post which I fitted a dress during my waiting...I love this dress, especially the front side..The line looks like zipper.. Should I buy this dress too??

♥ my dream leather jacket, but it's too expensive to buy..♥
Leather jacket: Zara--Rp 2.100.000,-


This night I went to TP with an expectation that my friends would come and we could hang out together..but, fortunately, they couldn't come because of their own business. I didn't know what I would do there alone since my coming was too early. The one who could come with me was Shinta, but she came late...So, I was alone for at least more than 2 hours. I decided to watch a movie; "DRAGONBALL: The Evolution" eventhough I didn't know the movie was good or not. I just wanted to kill my loneliness without any confusion where I would go during my waiting. It my first time watched movie without any friends with...hahahaha and not too bad, I think!!! Maybe I will try it again next time..haha. The movie was good enough and really entertaining..the actor; Sun Goku was so cool and handsome. I was remember with Edward Culled. I thought they were alike..
♥ The movie was too short and it meant that I would still lonely there..I guess that Shinta already came when the movie was ended, but she still didn't come yet.Hiks..poor me!!!There were other options for me except walked to Zara. I fitted any clothes there and I was so bored!! It happened very rarely..
Finally...She came!!!! Thanks God!!

♥ We took dinner at Loop and Shinta's BF took us these pictures!!!Thank a lot...

Top: Mango
Shorts: Body&Soul
Belt: Zara
Ankle boots: Zara
Bag: Guess

(with Shinta @ Loop)

"The Masterpiece" (We really love this one so much!!)


Friday, March 27, 2009


I was so bored today without anything I've to do....boredom and loneliness, SUCKS!!!
So, I asked my friends to went out before I was going crazy!!hahahaha. Besides, I had to looking for "something" that I really2 wanted to buy..hehehe ((Why do I always really want to buy something, huh????))
Finally, we decided to go to Galaxy Mall because "something" I really bought only available there..;p
♥ There was no our photos taken--too lazy to took a pic, only my pics here..hehe ♥

Tosca cropped jacket: -
White dress: Body&Soul
White studded bag: Zara
3 colors belt: Mango



Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Friday Night Out!!!

It's so hard to hang out together with all of my friends since we have our own business. Everytime we planned hang out, it's always be cancelled. There must be one of us couldn't join...
Finally, we decided to go TP on last Friday eventhough there were only 3 person could make it. But, it still quite fun for us..especially the photo shots. Thanks to Mr. security who helped us take a lot of cool pics (including a photo with a foreigner one..hahahaha). We just expect that he would shot us with his SLR...eventhough it would never happen.

(u-ung, Evelyn, Shenny)

(Thx to vallet staf who helped us take this photo)



Wednesday, March 18, 2009


My friend, Meli, asked me to join with her for watching a movie; Underworld:Rise of The Lycans, which was really2 cool..Diana-ang also came with us. We never saw the movie before, either the first and the second ones, so we were confused at the beginning part of the movie. That movie was about the war between vampires and werewolfs; the Lycans, which story was so different with The Twilight one.hahaha Yup, of course, there were no handsome actors and beautiful actresses in the movie. It's not like casts of Twilight. but, the action was better than Twilight, i thought. There was blood everywhere!! I just thinking why the vampire at Underworld not like human's blood???I never saw them bite people along the movie..and the werewolfs should protect people from the vampires. Maybe I had been addicted by Twilight story which is really different with Underworld one.hahaha
N.B.: I just remember that the actress cast at two sequels of Underworld before was Kate Beckinsale, but this third sequel I guess she was not. Am i right???

♥ I tried to create more mature style with this outfit. It was work, I guess!!

mustard sweater: Zara
jeans pencil skirt: Mango
brown belt: Body&Soul

My collection of colorful socks


Monday, March 16, 2009

After Fighting ♥

I am really surprised that one of my friend (who had fought me on last Friday) called my room..She asked me to go with her and other friends to Sutos yesterday. I thought she called me to snap at me, like at our last fighting..hahaha. I guess she forgive me, and so do I. it's such a hard time when we fought each other.

♥ We went to Sutos at that night; and finally, we did my pending birthday celebration although some of my friends couldn't join with us.

♥ We took a lot of photos there before and after we'd got dinner.

(with Diana-ang)

(Shinta, u-ung, Veve, Diana-ang, Winnie)



Sunday, March 15, 2009

I am so confused...(between both of them)

WHAT WOULD You DO if YOU were ME??? I always have to choose one of 2 people fighting each other..Can't I choose both of them??They all are my friends.. ♥ Planning my delayed birthday celebration (for the second times) with my friends on Friday night, but it could not be real AGAIN!!! Two person were fighting when we would go to my celebration. I can't explain here about the topic of their fighting..and FYI, I got fight with them too..OMG!! please stop it..I can't bear it again..ToT

♥ Don't care about the fighting, I decided to go to TP with Shinta, and it made me forget the fight well. I met Evelyn there and we took photos together, with her BF too.hahaha Thx to Marcel!!!I got my style--rebel style, I guess (maybe) because i wasn't on the feminine mood!ha3 I just wanted to make it simple with no heels for a while. Evelyn wore socks on her stocking!!! I just know it..great!!

(with Evelyn--@TP)

(Evelyn & BF)



Friday, March 13, 2009

with my bro &....???

♥There was no plans yesterday..just staying at my room after I did my class.It's too boring..!! Maybe I need something new. Work???Get some course??? All I have to do is starting complete my final proposal as soon as possible,..find out some data, and make a revision...HUH..!! ToT

♥ Suddenly, my brother called me and asked me to go with him (and his GF..) for watching movie. We didn't know good movie playing in cinema; just guess REDLINE and CHIHUAHUA were good movie to be watched at that time. Finally, we chose RedLine one (another Fast & Furious).. I think the movie is good enough although the story is not really interesting. The coolest part is the car races, and the girls of course!!hahaha. The actress is very sexy and she has a great body!!WOW..I'm so envious with it..!

♥ My bro took me some pictures at Sutos after we had watched the movie. He said that it was his first time for taking a lot of pictures at Sutos with a girl who didn't feel ashamed at all. hahaha Sorry, bro!!!

(with my lovely brother...wkwkwkw)

(My bro & his GF)