Friday, March 13, 2009

with my bro &....???

♥There was no plans yesterday..just staying at my room after I did my class.It's too boring..!! Maybe I need something new. Work???Get some course??? All I have to do is starting complete my final proposal as soon as possible,..find out some data, and make a revision...HUH..!! ToT

♥ Suddenly, my brother called me and asked me to go with him (and his GF..) for watching movie. We didn't know good movie playing in cinema; just guess REDLINE and CHIHUAHUA were good movie to be watched at that time. Finally, we chose RedLine one (another Fast & Furious).. I think the movie is good enough although the story is not really interesting. The coolest part is the car races, and the girls of course!!hahaha. The actress is very sexy and she has a great body!!WOW..I'm so envious with it..!

♥ My bro took me some pictures at Sutos after we had watched the movie. He said that it was his first time for taking a lot of pictures at Sutos with a girl who didn't feel ashamed at all. hahaha Sorry, bro!!!

(with my lovely brother...wkwkwkw)

(My bro & his GF)


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evelynpy said...

Wahahahahahahahaha sakno kokomu pasti rodok sungkan malu ya apa gitu...whahahahahhahahahahahaha...