Sunday, March 8, 2009

Narcism mode on...!!

♥Taking a lot of photos last night was really fun!! yup, took photos everywhere and everytime, eventhough we're tired and sweaty!!hahaha
Sutos was very crowded that night; people moved to Sutos after TP had been closed at 10 pm. Sutos still alive until midnight!!I met many friends whom I also met at TP before...They looked very enjoy the night with friends and live band there.
(Fortunately, Diana-ang came to catch up with us at, she also could take amazing photos at that night.hahhaaha)

N.B: Remaining photos will be followed soon.. (so sleepy now..)

(With Diana-ang..) Photo by: Reo "AC's bf "

(I am in red dress) & (Diana-ang in black & white dress)

(Stefanie & us..)



Anonymous said...

aApik ong...tapi kok fotoe ga fokus ya?
kok isa ketemu halim

Diana Ang said...

iyo eman yo nat. banyak photo keren tapi gk fokus. reo mgkn gk isa konsen photo gara2 gerimis kali yaaa :P