Sunday, March 29, 2009


This night I went to TP with an expectation that my friends would come and we could hang out together..but, fortunately, they couldn't come because of their own business. I didn't know what I would do there alone since my coming was too early. The one who could come with me was Shinta, but she came late...So, I was alone for at least more than 2 hours. I decided to watch a movie; "DRAGONBALL: The Evolution" eventhough I didn't know the movie was good or not. I just wanted to kill my loneliness without any confusion where I would go during my waiting. It my first time watched movie without any friends with...hahahaha and not too bad, I think!!! Maybe I will try it again next time..haha. The movie was good enough and really entertaining..the actor; Sun Goku was so cool and handsome. I was remember with Edward Culled. I thought they were alike..
♥ The movie was too short and it meant that I would still lonely there..I guess that Shinta already came when the movie was ended, but she still didn't come yet.Hiks..poor me!!!There were other options for me except walked to Zara. I fitted any clothes there and I was so bored!! It happened very rarely..
Finally...She came!!!! Thanks God!!

♥ We took dinner at Loop and Shinta's BF took us these pictures!!!Thank a lot...

Top: Mango
Shorts: Body&Soul
Belt: Zara
Ankle boots: Zara
Bag: Guess

(with Shinta @ Loop)

"The Masterpiece" (We really love this one so much!!)


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