Wednesday, March 18, 2009


My friend, Meli, asked me to join with her for watching a movie; Underworld:Rise of The Lycans, which was really2 cool..Diana-ang also came with us. We never saw the movie before, either the first and the second ones, so we were confused at the beginning part of the movie. That movie was about the war between vampires and werewolfs; the Lycans, which story was so different with The Twilight one.hahaha Yup, of course, there were no handsome actors and beautiful actresses in the movie. It's not like casts of Twilight. but, the action was better than Twilight, i thought. There was blood everywhere!! I just thinking why the vampire at Underworld not like human's blood???I never saw them bite people along the movie..and the werewolfs should protect people from the vampires. Maybe I had been addicted by Twilight story which is really different with Underworld one.hahaha
N.B.: I just remember that the actress cast at two sequels of Underworld before was Kate Beckinsale, but this third sequel I guess she was not. Am i right???

♥ I tried to create more mature style with this outfit. It was work, I guess!!

mustard sweater: Zara
jeans pencil skirt: Mango
brown belt: Body&Soul

My collection of colorful socks


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pwincess bebe said...

u look so pretty Ung ...
but i prefer you and your cute style, lebih cocok ama bentuk muka km deh, bener2 keliatan cute hehehe.

iya tuh, aku ganti template buat refreshing aja, rasanya bete liad template n blog ku sejak ada si perusuh. Skr liad nya jadi segar dan beda hehehe.
Template barumu ok, warnanya menenangkan.

ah, and u got a lovely socks !