Monday, March 16, 2009

After Fighting ♥

I am really surprised that one of my friend (who had fought me on last Friday) called my room..She asked me to go with her and other friends to Sutos yesterday. I thought she called me to snap at me, like at our last fighting..hahaha. I guess she forgive me, and so do I. it's such a hard time when we fought each other.

♥ We went to Sutos at that night; and finally, we did my pending birthday celebration although some of my friends couldn't join with us.

♥ We took a lot of photos there before and after we'd got dinner.

(with Diana-ang)

(Shinta, u-ung, Veve, Diana-ang, Winnie)



1 comment:

Diana Ang said...

waduuh. photoshoot nya bagus bagus yah. hehehe :D