Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Friday Night Out!!!

It's so hard to hang out together with all of my friends since we have our own business. Everytime we planned hang out, it's always be cancelled. There must be one of us couldn't join...
Finally, we decided to go TP on last Friday eventhough there were only 3 person could make it. But, it still quite fun for us..especially the photo shots. Thanks to Mr. security who helped us take a lot of cool pics (including a photo with a foreigner one..hahahaha). We just expect that he would shot us with his SLR...eventhough it would never happen.

(u-ung, Evelyn, Shenny)

(Thx to vallet staf who helped us take this photo)



1 comment:

Diana Ang said...

hahaha. baik baik yah mas-mas nya :D mereka langsung mendadak jadi photografer hihihi. side job :P