Friday, March 6, 2009

Study????or hang out???!!

♥Hahaha I always confuse in choosing study or hang out!! Leave my study soon for hang out with friends. In this case, I have to make a priority for my life; which one I have to do first. Our decisions will define the next step we have to do in future. Dilemma!!! AAarghh!! Hanging out will kill other options though they're more important at all.... Am I right, guys??he3

♥ I decided to learn my presentation for today and made some preparation to complete it, also prepared my self..that's the point!! I had through this presentation for many times before (maybe it's the fifth..) since I didn't pass this class yet. So embarrassing become the senior in the class. But, I have to make any progress in order to pass this thesis class.
After did my preparation, I went hang out (at 8 p.m) with friends at Sutos for refreshing my mind and soul.hahaha. Did some photos shoot there when the shops already closed. FYI, the restaurants and cafes still open until midnight, so you can enjoy the night with some foods and drinks there. Such a nice place to make some photo sessions with friends in outdoor.

♥ We ate junk foods (again..!!Oh NO..!!) at Wendy's, which the fried chicken and fried potatoes are really delicious and crunchy (also spicy...). My friend, Shinta, said that the fried potatoes are the most delicious potatoes she's ever eaten!! I agree with her!!!
There was heavy rain along the
night...Bbbrrr!! We couldn't take some pictures in outdoor..

(with Shinta--@Sutos)


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Anonymous said...

wahahahhaa....ayo semangat ngerjain kolonya...

ntar ayo kita pg2...

tuh fotomu kok ga fokus?
apa karena kekecilan ya?