Sunday, March 1, 2009


♥ Today is my brother's graduation day!!!Finally..he has finished his study..congratz, bro!!!

Yup..this day was such a tiring day for me since I just slept for about 2 hours last night..We (my BF and I) talked much things before his leaving today. I felt so sleepy and hungry when I was waiting the graduation finished. I needed some foods!! But, I thought I didn't do an unworthy waiting..We (my parents, my bro, & I) got dinner at Jade Imperial for celebrate the graduation. The foods are really delicious!!! I thought they're better than another ones I ate last. Yummy!!

(my parents & my brother..)

(@Petra University--after the graduation)

♥ But..on the other side, this day was such a sad day for me..Why?? Coz my BF was going to go back to Melbourne. Yup, his holiday was over..hiks!! And the worst thing is I can't meet him again for about 4-5 months. so..hard..!!

(@Juanda-- with him..)



Anonymous said...

akhirnya update juga lu... mirip papa km say...

selamat buat koko...

antony tamba gemukan ya?

mana foto bajumu dari ujung rambut sampe ujung kaki?

Diana Ang said...

kok jarang updet sekarang nat?
jarang photo photo pisan yah?!

btw. congratz yah bwat koko-mu :]