Monday, September 7, 2009

Playing with my new babes..!!

Love these shoes so much since I saw them at the first time..hihihihi Decided not bought them was the wrong choice, because I still hunted them and thought of them every minute. I bought them at the last...finally..!!So, don't ever delay to buy or you will regret if they had lost...!!hahhaha




top: Mango; vest: Zara; skirt: Zara; shoes: Zara


CANDY DOLL said...

I adore your shoes! <3

A dreamer said...

er.. slightly perverted comment here but your legs look nice. and i love your shoes.

Anonymous said... it your new babies...n i also wanna that skirt...

Miss Lia said...

nattttttt :] iyoohhh bee lek km liat paling ngerti itu heels'e seng mana :[ mupenggg tapi lagi kere. hahahah. "ngare" pwol bulan ini. LOL aishhhh kemana aja neng? nda ada kabar? skripsi gimana nattt?

Jamie said...

Love your blog!
Maybe we can exchange link?

anna bu said...

why didn't i see those shoes in zara!? :(
you look super cute!


Natalie said...

gorgeous look! u cant go wrong with Mango and Zara! my favorite :)


heebs said...

that looks amazing! lvoe the colors!

princessblush said...

I heart your new shoes! Great color too!

following you!