Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Final day

Tomorrow will be my final day studying in college...I'll do my final presentation for final judgement..whoaaa I'm so stress right now, can't imagine how tomorrow will be..nervous yet impatient to get my graduation!! I don't have any idea for blogging this time because I have to focus in studying my thesis for the last time..wakakakkaka! Wish me LUCK for tomorrow and I can pass it well...thanks,guys!!!


CANDY DOLL said...

Good luck sweetie! <3

prince charming said...

good luck huneee!!

Miss Lia said...

good luck sweety :D
btw km pulang kemana nat?
tanggal 21 lek ngga 22 mau ntn final destination mbe diana, melok yukkk :D

muachhh GBU

michelle_ said...

RE: yeah something like that . ESMOD is very haute couture stuff while lasalle is more consumer-friendly .
Well, if u had the drive to study fashion design, then u can . I can't be bothered to learn to draw figures. I've tried since I was small and I always failed. haha .

u can always take fashion business and take several fashion design courses as an extra class on ur free time u kno. there are short workshops for basic fashion design stuff in Lasalle too .

u-ung said...

@ all: thx u for your supports!!hehehe
@ Miss Lia:lho ga bisa li kan diana lg pulang kampung juga toh..malah mo pg KL tuh.ak lagi di hometown juga..hahha

日月神教-任我行 said...