Thursday, September 17, 2009

Passed it..!!

whooaaa...congrats to me!!Finally I can pass the final judgement this morning with B+.. I wish I could get A for my thesis,but I knew that there were some parts that I couldn't do well,,huff.. It's okay...hehehe I can breath easily now...!! Thanks for all supports,guys..
Tomorrow I will back to my hometown for about a week; reunion with my family and of course help my mom at her salon since it becomes so crowded during this Idul Fitri holiday. ok let's packing started!!wkwkkwkwk

Took some photos before my judgement with foods I gave for the lecturers...(taken by Meli; my BFF. thx u so much,dear for waiting me till' the end of my judgement and for helping me to pick Primarasa chickens up in the morning!!whaaa..thx u!!muach2..!!)
a box of baby J-Co and Primarasa chicken grill



Anonymous said...

congratz..thx buat akunya mana? wakakakaka...selamat...ditunggu traktirannya

u-ung said...

iyo...thx ya buk!!hehehhe ntar aja ya pas qta pg bareng2!!hahaha

F i K a said...

congrats dear!!
so,what your plan now? enjoy the free time, take master degree, or apply for a job? ;)
I just graduated too about a month ago and now I just don't know what to do..just want to enjoy my life, I think...hahaha..

Eunice said...

congratz..!! so what's next??
I will be joining you in about couple of days, I already feel bored now - dont know what to do!!

Yofany said...

congrats! :D

A.N.N.A said...

thats cool :)

little heroine said...

congrats :)

Freya said...

Wow congrats! Super cute pictures too.

CHICMUSE said...