Thursday, September 10, 2009

First "judgement"

I did my first thesis' presentation this morning, and it was a rehearsal before I do the final judgement of my thesis next week. I felt so nervous yet excited doing that presentation and got the evaluation from the lecturers and audiences. I got stomach-ache during two presentations before my turn..Fortunately, I could handle it till' the end of my evaluation. That wasn't the real judgement, because we didn't get points at all. My friend, Meli, as the moderator, helped me to operate powerpoint and I didn't know why the audience laught when meli and I communicated each other.maybe because we showed our non verbal communication which are understood by us only..hahhahaha yup, we're best friend..have the same "journey", same fighting, same suffering, and also same goal..hahhaha

I wore this outfit for my presentation...btw, is there something wrong with my belt,guys??I don't have any idea why one of my lecturer stared at my belt while I was doing the presentation...






shirt: G2000; skirt: mom's; belt: Zara; shoes: Everbest


CANDY DOLL said...

I love the outfit so much! :D

Yofany said...

1 reason: because your belt is amazing. lol

Dylana said...

You are the cutest thing ever and this look is so chic!

Nita said...

your belt is cute !!
nothing's wrong with it...
and i luv ur shoes !!! ^__^
good luck with the thesis...!!!!

Anonymous said...

i think nothing wrong with your outfit....mereka saja yang iri ga punya soale ^^