Thursday, September 3, 2009

Guilty pleasures...

Diana & I got our supper with huge delicious yet fatty foods that made me addicted, especially on yougurt!!!slluuurrpp....!!! We spent time with trying any kind of foods, snacks, or even drinks. Starbuck is my favorite for drink, and pecel is the best one for food..hihihihi!! For snack, we love yogurt. Vivivrucht is good enough to compare with J-cool..

my choices for Dunkin Donuts...!! and we got pecel then...hihihi

medium size is very recommended!!

my new babe...Zara!!!yiippiiee..


Freya said...

I love yoghurt too!!
In my town/country (we might have it in the big cities, but i'm not sure) we don't have dunkin donuts. But I love Krispy Kremes so they might be kind of the same?

evelynpy said...

yogourt mana lagi itu?

stephanie! said...

awwwwwwww! you bought those lovely shoes!! i've been diggin for those shoes!! huuuuhh :(

F i K a said...

wooow..I want your new babe!!
it awesome :)..
too bad, I can't afford it :(..huhu
can't wait to see you wear that shoes ;)

u-ung said...

@Eve: iya itu yogurt di deket food court lama d TP lantai atas itu loh..lumayan enak,tp agak mahal!!

@Stephanie: thx u say...I'm so in love too with these ones!!

@Fika:Just wait I play outfit and take some pictures of them!!hihhihihi

elena said...

love your shoessssssssssssss

Nita said...

Hi Natalia
Found your blog thru Diana Ang.
Your outfits are so inspiring =)
I even have the same Zara studded black rock tees like yours =)
Glad to know you !!!
Hope we can be friends...