Saturday, May 2, 2009

Animal Print

Today was such a "busy" day for me..First, I decided to go to Pasar Atom with friends in the morning till' afternoon. I planned to buy some stuff there, but my desire were disappear after we reached Atom. But, I still bought lacey tights which I really wanted to buy before, and a green zipper skirt. We had no more destinations, just walked and explored shop by shop..
After back from Atom, my next destination is TP. There was a reunion with my college friends I had to attend..One thing that really desperated me was the dress code "Animal Print". I couldn't imagine how we would to be with that dress code. Wild, bitchy..maybe..hahaha. Four persons of us wore this dress code right..LEOPARD print!! OMG... and of course, took a lot of pics in crowded!! so NICE....!! C'mon people..keep staring at us...!!hahaha

Black top: Zara TRF; Short: Body&Soul; Leopard tights: NyLa; Boots: Belle; Bag: Guess


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Jessica said...

i always love that statement necklace ! =)