Saturday, May 2, 2009

D.A.H.S.Y.(A.T.) Surabaya

My friends (Shinta & Winnie "Pooh") and I woke up earlier than usual this morning for going to Sutos. We were going to see DAHSYAT whis was showed live from Surabaya---Town Square, exactly. We're so excited..!! Watched that show on TV first before we went to Sutos, made us really2 shocked!! There are sooo many guests came there for watching DAHSYAT... uurrghh, wondered how we would get a parking space in that crowded..

N.B.: My waiting package have been arrived!!!so excited!!

Tadaaaa...!!! It's my Javelin!!



enjii said...

wah.asiknya dapet blackberry =)

Diana Ang said...

pake BB ntar dilarang autis luoh kalo jj sama aku
ntar aku ngambek mode on.
LOL. hahaha

ngelzz said...

hehee.. akirnya javelin ya ? :)