Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Volare Cafe & Resto!!

Flying together with UKP!!yiippyy....The Hospitality Faculty of UKP (my university) is holding a new theme in their cafe during this month (for about 5 weeks). The theme is about flight..complete with their pilots and stewardresses.
Diana & I decided to come to this cafe at 1 pm, and of course, there are so many guests in cafe at that we were in waiting list. It's boring for at least 45 minutes in waiting..I took some pictures of their menu book's appearance!! Look how creative they are...those book are so cute with briefcases look!!cuteee.....

(the atmosphere of Volare cafe & resto)

We ordered some menu completely with an appetizer and a really sweet dessert, but yummy!!hahaha



Jessica said...

wuiiih, seru banged yah kayaknya... hahaha... keren keren.. =)

Diana Ang said...

asik bwat seru seru an :D
serasa naik pesawat beneran dah
hahaha :P

Idée cadeau said...

l'endroit a l'air super sympa et les plats donnent envie de manger..trop cool