Saturday, May 30, 2009

Surabaya midnight shopping!!

Yeah..Surabaya midnight shopping has been begun today,and it would be started right at 10pm-12pm. I didn't know whether other malls also held this event,but I just know exactly that TP did. So, I decided go to TP as soon as possible to get the best parking space.hehe
There were a lot of people there,especially at Sogo where so many guests was waiting for paid at cashiers.huff..!!All shops opened till midnight and they also gave a big sale!!(But, unfortunately,Zara is exclude!!)
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Champagne said...

Hi Hi ^_^

I had no idea you were 22!!! You look so young. I thought you were sixteen. But don't worry I get mistaken for someone younger then I am all the time. ^_^

Looks like you guys had an awesome time.

Miss Lia said...

Uung ke TP jugakah??
koq nda ketemu yach...
heheheh =)
aq liat ada orang mirip banget sama km ung... so fabolous,,,
but aq takut nyapa'nya...
ntar dikira sksd, wakkakaka
tp I don't think she's u..
because she's wear different cloth..
heheheh =)

miss lia~

Janice Nerissa said...

hello! nice outfit.. <3
surabaya midnight shopping itu sampe kapan yah??tau ga? ;)