Thursday, April 9, 2009


Yesterday was my final day for this period of Kolokium class. Ugghh..I couldn't sleep and eat along the's really fruestrated me a lot..
But, Finally I can through it well..hahahaaha My friend, meli, also got graduate this period well..She was very2 happy. We deceided to celebrate it with hang out together at night.
N.B.: I got my belated birthday' gift from them...A pair of converse shoes!!!Whooaaa!!thank u so much, frenz!!!!

(happy girls...!!)

(u-ung, meli, eve)

(@ hachi2)



Anonymous said...

mana foto conversnya?

Diana Ang said...

nat.tabung putih yg mbok duduki itu opoo??

u-ung said...

eve: itu wes tak upload kok!!hehehe
Di-ang: ga tau ce..itu punyae toko sg d tgh jalan,pas wes tutup tuh jd g ada orge..ya wes tak duduki..