Monday, April 20, 2009


I got this award from Sarah!! That's my first award I upload in this blog..Actually, I had been given an award from Diana-ang before, but I didn't upload it here bcos I didn't know how to upload it..huahahaha

My "homework" is to tell the readers about 10 things about me they may not know, but those are so true..hehehehe. Here they are..
  1. I'm 22 years old and a student of Petra Christian university, Surabaya. I wish this semester will ne my last, but I have to prepare my self to one additional semester (hopefully) to finish my thesis (it means I will graduate late...hiks), and get a graduation...
  2. I am a magazines lover!!yup, that's true...I'm collecting some magz, such as Gogirl!, Looks, Vivi (japan mag' which is so expensive...).
  3. Which one do you like most, shoes, clothes, bags, accesories??I never could choose one of them!!I love them all..hahahahaha They aren't always branded stuffs, but the most important that they are cool and I love them at the first sight!!:p
  4. I often go bed late just for uploading new photos or blogging..My internet connection is so sucks; it always hard me to search, browse, even upload a photo with low quality..That thing make me so desperate!!The internet is unlimited, but there are more than 80 persons use it..can you imagine how the connection would be???sooo slow....
  5. I'm missing my BF so much!!! He is so far away from here..."Distance can't make me to stop loving him" (Prince charming's quote!!haha)
  6. I'm looking for a new cellphone, and still confuse in choosing a better one between Nokia E71 and you any recommendations??
  7. Favorite foods: Indonesian foods!!!yuummy...I'm a big fans of them and never bored to eat them. Can't imagine how my life would be without them...hahaha (drama queen mode on..!)
  8. I hate horor movies, or horor stories!! Don't ever tell me about horor stories, eventhough it just your crap..bcoz I will have my own imagination about that all day long, especially in my bed time..
  9. I have two group for hanging out together. the first one is my college friends (Eve, Meli, Shenny, etc) and another one are friends I board with (and also Diana-ang & Shinta). I love them all and I really enjoy spending my time with them.
  10. Last but not least, I like everything about western, even movies, musics, styles, stuffs, and lifestyle. They have a simple style but chic!!I don't know how to explain this thing, just love all about western. They are so cool!!


little heroine said...

Buy BB,you can even blogging with BB :)

prince charming said...

heeiiii plagiarism!! haha...

u-ung said...

Tinee: yup2, I think so..
Prince charming: It's often did plagiarism of mine!!huehehehe

Diana Ang said...

mmm. bakal ada autis BB ni
hahaha :P

Lex dePraxis said...

Go with E71. It's far superior than BB.

ngelzz said...

BB ! lebih spesifik.. Javelin. hahahaha.. :p