Thursday, July 16, 2009

White..oh white..!!!

If other people have a problem with dark spot on their skin, I have some (three, actually..) white spots on my face skin. My doctor advice me to do sunbathing after I lubricated the salve..very bad!! I hate sunbathing..!!HATE.!!! one of my friend said that my skin maybe got pigmentation. I'm too lazy to do sunbathing in the morning because it's so difficult for me to wake up early. So, I go sunbathing in afternoon when the sunshine is very hot!! I know that it's not good for my skin, or even it might create other skin's problem for me.
Do you have any ideas about that,guys?? What should I do???ToT


lolichocopop said...

waa .
nice blazer (: (:

Miss Lia said...

koq bisa ada white spot nya nat?
ga ke dokter kulit?