Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Online shop...!!

Guys, just be careful if you want to order stuffs from online shop. Please re-check their address, phone number, and even others' comments on their wall. Believe it or not, my friends and I had been cheated by an online shop in Facebook named Mi Marionette!!! Remember that name and the owner is Lusiana!! She took sooo long time for complete our orders and eventhough you have asked her, SMS her, dropped comment on her FB, she never reply them all..just reply for once or twice, then she dissappears!!!WUUZZZ...!!! Finally, she came up and told that our orders was complete, but there were some stuffs cancelled because she didn't want us waiting again for long time till' they all are complete!! OK..But, I found that our orders were not same with the pictures in her FB, which unfortunately had been deleted by the owner..!!SO SUCKS!!!! She sent those stuffs without giving me any explanation about the wrong orders, prices, and other important questions!! and the worst thing was she asked us to settle the bill if the stuffs arrive eventhough they are not match with our own orders!!F*#k...!!!!!
N.B.: I was so angry!!!!

Denim dress: Mango; necklace: Mango


F i K a said...

belanja online emg harus hati2 bgt..
sbg penjual dan juga pembeli,saran aq siy sebaiknya kamu ajak ngbrol dulu ownernya..biasanya bakal keliatan koq mana owner yg jujur mana yg sebaiknya ga diorder..hehe..lgian klo ud ngbrl2,pst jd berasa kenal&lbh enak utk ordernya :)..

anw,,emg olshop itu jual apa say?dan kamu order apa?

t a l i s h a said...

wew.. i've never had any bitter experience with any ol shop till now.. i understand how angry you are.. well but you've learned your lesson. it's true, we must always be extra careful (:

Miss Lia said...

mosok seh nat? teros ya apa? lak buete pwol pasti. koq isa lgs didelete lo. brarti dee salah maka e lgs didelete. gitu km ya harus bayar full??? ckckck

Anonymous said...

iya...kita kurang hati hati say....next time kita kudu ektra hati2 supaya nggak kecolongan

bisou-joue said...

nice dress !

u-ung said...

@Fika: itu jual spatu say, aku juga order spatu, lumayan byk..hiks

@ Lia:iya buete pwol dah..ak sampe ngamuk2 toh d FB, d wall'e arke tuh biar dah biar kbh isa baca skalian tau kalo ol shop itu ga genah!!huh!!iya la hrs byr full,slh gt dia minta aku lunasin sisa uang trus br dikirim brgnya.lha kalo di a ga ngirim brgnya, trus gmn??hahhaaha ak ga mau!!ak suru dia kirim brg dulu, br ak byr nanti..beteee!!