Saturday, July 18, 2009

Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince

I already watched this movie and I was totally not believe that we (Diana & me) would watch Harry Potter at that night. We planned to watched Ice Age since Diana was really obsessed with it. Of course I was really happy yet interested I would watched Harry Potter which I thought I couldn't get the ticket easily in these few days later. This movie was totally drama and there were less actions in. But,I'm still love it..especially my handsome Harry Potter; Daniel Radcliffe..hahahaha I thought he is more mature and become more gentle now. Besides, I really adore the casts' British accent...It's better than American I guess, and it sounds easier to listen..
N.B.: I really really suggest you all not watch midnight movie until the mall already closed and there are no lamps anymore..I felt so scared when we were walking in the dark (totally dark...) at parking area. It's so difficult for us to find the car and there is no one with us at that time. We had to I guess I will not watch midnight movie anymore...I promise..!! and the worst thing was I couldn't get the door when I was back to my boarding house because the security was sleeping tightly....hufff..!!


Anonymous said...

buset wes pulang pagi tidur malem pisan...wedan!!!

Diana Ang said...

masi terbayang bayang harpoooot :P

A dreamer said...

HARRY! haha yes it was much more of a teen drama sort of thing.
gosh i loved ron in this one. and i love how cute dan was when he drank the liquid luck

Nalia Rifika said...

agree :)
although many people didn't like the movie...but I still love it :D..hehe