Friday, November 28, 2008

My first time...

AHA...this is my first posting,,sooo excited!!!! ^0^

Today, i did my internship presentation..It's ok, but it still frustrate me!! lecturer had killed me slowly, but..sure!! I have to do some revision later..cant enjoy my time n my sleep (of course!!) well. Two weeks later will be very hard time in my life and also define what my future would be..

Nothing had to do after I had some presentation...maybe gonna take a rest for a while.hehehe

I really want to go out, just for refreshing and window shopping (hahaha its the main purpose why i wanna go out..:p), but there are no friends can go with me..fiuh..!!! WHat should I do???

Finally, I got this BFF, Eve, showed me her website..and there are my pics there. So, I copied it and keep it for my self..hahahaha THX u so much..eve!!! can't believe that you've kept this pic!!! dreaming dress..!!!

Does the dress look great on me???


1 comment:

GRICIA said...

hiii..the dress looks really good on u..maybe a little bit too it from zara?