Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It just a GOSSIP..!!

I got news about earthquake which would happened at 1 a.m yesterday. Most of BB users in my list sent me those news with the explanation that the earthquake would happen in East Java, including Surabaya; where I'm staying now. I was sooo panic and felt so desperate what I should do at that time. The eartquake has 8,8 SR power. Can you imagine it?? The earthquake happened at West Sumatra had 7,6 SR power and it made many buildings were broken into small pieces. So, what would happen if the earthquake has 8,8 SR power? But, fortunately, that news weren't the truth because there were nothing happened at 1 a.m. Thanks,God!! No one and no technology can predict the earthquake exactly till' this time..even Japan; the country with a high quantities of earthquake.
So, I spent night with shared any experiences about relationship with Linda until 4 a.m.
dress:Mango; shoes: Charles&Keith


tabita krismanawati said...

ow..I also feel scared when there is the earthquake issue in Bandung. the time is 2 a.m
I also felt uneasy at the time. huff..

Dylana said...

Gorgeous dress. Such a nice color against your skin tone!

michelle_ said...

kalung rosario nya bagus !