Thursday, October 15, 2009

I got this award from Tinkerlia

This award has some rules, and they are:
1. We're not allowed to change the banner of the award, the word, the color, and the signature. But we can resize the banner
2. Tell who gave you the award
3. Choose 10 female blogger who don'r receive the award yet and tell the reason why they deserved it. And I give this award to:
They all above are really inspiring blogger, either their fashion styles and their stories and I keep reading their blog everyday..

jumpsuit: Zara; blazer: Zara; shawl: Zara

Which one is the best style, guys??with shawl?blazer?or without both of them?


myrrh goldframe said...

i might say the shawl set is better than the blazer. Thank you for the award! =**** btw, have any fb account or twitter ? so i could contact you or sending commment when we could meet.. heehee.. just can't wait to hang with you out. =D

ye55i said...

Hi! blogwalking..
I like the outfit with the gray blazer. You look more chic.
Nice shoes btw.. ^^

FashionJazz said...

Hey sweetness!! Thanks so much for ur comment on my blog!! I have been following ur blog for a while : )
Will be commenting from now on very often.

Have a lovely day


Joan D. said...

Ey! I just arrived to your blog and its cool! Yeah! Love those white Docs!

I think I like it most with the shawl or without anything! But it looks cool anyway!

Will come back! Hugs from Spain!

Alita Claudia said...

nice tights and docs, o love docs also!!

Anonymous said...

wah blogku ga ada hikz ^^
hahahaha becanda...
bagus yang pake docs

febrina utami putri said...

i love the way you look with the blazer on!! white doc martens!!!! i envy you so damn much for having that xD btw i've linked you

fhen said...

i like the one with blazer

Miss Lia said...

ngga pake dua2 nat. more eye catchy :) hehehe. cukup jumpsuit-pattern tight-doc martens-more bagle :)

Phyllis said...

i like it better with the blazer and the white doc... but you look great in both!
loving your blog =)

Shirley Wijaya said...

i love all of your outfits here dear... you look so pretty yet so stylish :) where did you get that white doc marten?

Eleri said...

I LOVE your style :D I'm gonna follow u ;)

dy said...

these are cute outfits! love the white docs :)