Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm back!!!!

Spent a few days at home and focused on my thesis, made me so lazy for updating new posts..hehehe I'm back with a satisfaction of finishing my thesis (almost finish, actually..just need to complete few interview transcripts) and also I have to do this homework from Diana-ang...It's about SIX THING that make ME HAPPY!!!
  1. Reaching my dream: I have an obsession to become a public relations or corporate communication with all their business, such as pers conference, media gathering, media relations, etc. I really want to do it, but I still don't know I can make it real or not. But, I have to, I guess...
  2. Having a new stuff : clothing, bags, shoes, accessories..hahahaha this one is my guilty pleasure..I still want to have a new stuff everyday eventhough my room is so full of things right now.Maybe I will live with all of those stuff until there is no space in my room anymore!!hahaha I keep collecting those stuffs and never give them to others.
  3. Ice cream and chocolate : I never can choose one of those yummy snacks even I have to...because I LOVE THEM sooo much!!! I know they have high fat and kalories maybe, but still can not make me not eat them..hihihihihi (dark choco is the best...!!)
  4. Shopping : either online or not..!!! I always feel happy when I shop, but feel guilty after that..especially when I look at my bills...hiks..hikss ToT (still can not control this desire until now!!!!)
  5. Magazines : just like Diana-ang, I'm also a magazine freak!!! I always buy four magz every months, and my pleasure is reading them carefully and remembering the fashion pages one by one with their stuffs inside..
  6. Doing better than others do : I hate to lose and I will try my best to prove that I can do better than others. hahahaha sounds so ambitious, doesn't it?? maybe, it's another side of me...since my friends know that I'm not that type of person. But, I'll so happy if I get what I want..


pRizciLLia bLog said...

waaa !
sukaa doc nya !
nyari yg shocking pink susah bngt @.@

btw senin kmren di foodfes yakh ?

Freya said...

I totally agree. I adore all of these things. I don't know how anyone can buy just one magazine. I always find my self buying 5 or 6 a month. And I shop way to much as well. Clothes, bags, shoes, etc, are all so pretty, I can't resist!

Mila said...

Oh i LOVE those Martens!!!!
hihi :)