Monday, August 3, 2009

First vintage bags..!!!

I was so excited waiting my vintage bags arrived...I ordered them from Mr. Freddy Clothing (Facebook) three days ago, and finally they arrive today!!! yiippyy..!!!

Fringe postman bag!!

Lady Vintage bag!!

Diana and I went to Galaxy mall yesterday for trying Maggie pancake..hihihi. Here our pancakes with different topping and sauce we ordered at Maggie pancake and yogurt. Actually, they were so yummy, especially at the first tastes, but we felt a lil'bit too much at the last...hahaha


A dreamer said...

i love the first bag! so cute!
and YUMYUMYUM you have inspired me to make pancakes with yoghurt and strawberry topping.

Miss Lia said...

enak e natttt ketok'e
heheheh :] mw...
dek moll to itu??

Velo said...

hai, dear! let's we exchange links...
wahh mr.freddy's products yaa??
itu nyampe na brapa lama?