Monday, June 22, 2009

Formal cute..

I do nothing special today....just went to campus to submit my revision and did chit-chat with Eve..hahhaha it's about blog, blogger, and movie!!! Can't wait to watch dvds Boys Before Flowers (Korean version of F4)..I just borrowed them from Eve..

Blazer: Mango; top: Zara; skirt: Zara; shoes: Shuz Parade

N.B.: Which one is better, with blazer or not??



Becky Regina said...

lovely skirt ! and i think with blazer is better :D

Diana Ang said...

gk pake ae nat. panaas hahaha

Jessica said...

nice skirt!!! aduuh BBF ituh = addicted! *kek nama blog nhya.ahhaa.beneran!!

Janice Nerissa said...

BBF is so cool!! addicted to kim bum and lee min ho! :D your skirt is verrryyyyy beautiful! I wanna have it.can I?lol

lolichocopop said...

love ur skirt so much :) and blazer too
mind to exchange link ?:)
i've already link ur blog ^^